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I've been an art director/creative director since graduating from Art Center College of Design/Pasadena. My career has journeyed through several shops that have provided me opportunities to work with some really smart agency people and many respected clients.  I have had  the honor of leading several creative departments, always trying to make those around me better while learning so much from each and every creative along the way. Most of whom are still, and will always be, friends. I've also been very fortunate to work along side of some awesome account folks that have become good friends as well. 


I’ve produced work locally, nationally and internationally. And I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible talents including Fincher, Dektor, Plansker, Giraldi, Pytka, Bay, Schott, Nolton and Stone. 


While the media landscape has certainly evolved over the span of my career, I deeply believe ideas will always remain the currency of our business.


Here you will find just a sampling of my professional work from along the way - work that I either created directly or supervised. The majority of work here represents a broader campaign.

I'm happy to provide additional pieces upon request. 



Email me -                                            Check out my photography -

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